About us

There is saying that visiting to the doctors when you get ill is as digging the well after you get thirst. This is why Holistic Health Home (HHH) emphasizes on prevention and promotion for our good health. Holistic Health Home is established by an experienced and qualified professional team with a view to make sense that complete health is the state of well-being of our physical, mental, emotional , social and spiritual aspects of our life which is depended on the free flow of vital energy, so called prana or chi/qi of our body.
We developed a holistic approach for balancing and harmonizing our mind, body and spirit with free flowing of our vital energy (prana/chi). This helps to achieve the highest level of functioning and sense of well-being regardless of the presence or absence of illness or disease, resulting in more balanced and harmonious life. We claim our center can be your destination for relaxation where you can feel as being in a new earth because we believe that we can create a new earth in here with having a healthy body, peaceful mind and good spirit human beings. We have focus to create positive and creative impact on society and have zero tolerance on social evils, as there are numerous rumors around the massage center who claim for relaxation. HHH extended relaxation techniques and facilities have a reason how it can be benefited for the good health; surely you will get the new definition of massage so not only we say you will also feel it is good as “incense in gold”. HHH has been conducting the spa services at Club Meditation, Chauni. URL: www.klubmeditation.com